When you choose to study at the Cambodian School of Prosthetics and Orthotics (CSPO), we believe you’ll be inspired for life.

You’ll be enthused by the School, your teachers, your fellow students, the opportunities you’ll have and the patients you’ll meet and support. Add knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications to this mix and we’re sure you’ll relish your choice of school and career.

CSPO is one of the world’s leading international Prosthetic and Orthotic (P&O) schools. It has an international reputation for excellence, is part of an international community and is always looking to the future. There are many reasons to study at CSPO and you’ll get the details on other sections of this website, but the ‘headline’ reasons include:

  • Teaching – high quality tuition from teachers with extensive regional and international experience
  • Accreditation – a focus on international accreditation through the International Society for Prosthetics and Orthotics (ISPO)
  • English – courses taught in English to give graduates the best opportunities to progress professionally
  • Multi-cultural environment – an opportunity to study with students from many countries and make international connections
  • Care and understanding – CSPO has an inclusive, supportive, environment
  • P&O education network – CSPO is part of an international network of P&O schools managed by Exceed Worldwide, the world’s leading provider of P&O education
  • Research – CSPO works with leading international experts, participates in major international research projects and regularly hosts, supports and contributes to the work of these researchers
  • Scholarships – a number of scholarships are available every year.

CSPO’s commitment to P&O, engineering, IT and socio-economic research illustrates how the School looks to the future. It works with ISPO and is directly linked to the Exceed Research Network (ERN), an international disability research network co-ordinated by Exceed Worldwide.

ERN involves 21 organisations, including universities, private sector P&O companies and NGOs. Its members include eminent researchers and institutions with global reputations, including Imperial College London, University of Southampton, Northwestern University, Chicago, University of Melbourne and other partners from Europe, Asia and North America.

CSPO specialises in the provision of education for students from lower and middle income countries and is a place of opportunity, so come along and be inspired.