1. How does CSPO select students?

Prosthetist-Orthotist students
CSPO has a great diversity of Nationalities with different background

About 12 students are selected each year from different countries, based upon various criteria and conditions. For instance, in Cambodia we select students by written exam as well as personal interview with the director of the school.

Recently we have applied policies of positive discrimination to encourage both female and disabled students to join the school.
If you are interested in supporting our existing students or sending new students, please contact us for more details:cspo@cambodiatrust.org.kh

2. Can I choose a student to receive my support?

CSPO entrance
CSPO entrance plaque

Some of the current students already have sponsorships. Please contact us with your interest in supporting students and we will provide you the latest information. You might be interested in supporting students from a specific country for a reason. Due to the country situation, we may or may not have students requiring sponsorship. We however are happy to hear your request and will try to see how we can meet your interest.

3. When is the enrolment deadline?

The CSPO school year starts in October and ends in September. The course lasts 3 years. Enrolments are usually processed in the preceding 3 months.

4. How much is the sponsorship?

Fees depend on the period of your support and can vary due to exchange rates. Please contact us for current details and we can give you a clearer idea. Email: cspo@cambodiatrust.org.kh

5. Can I see the progress of the sponsoring student?

Lecturing staff at CSPO
Lecturer working closely with students to follow up their progress report

Yes. As a student’s sponsor, you will receive updates with a student report at least once per year, containing the student’s academic performance and lecturer’s evaluation. CSPO is happy to provide sponsors with additional records upon request. You might also want to hear from your sponsored student directlyycplease ask. For more information on sponsorship contact: cspo@cambodiatrust.org.kh

6. What will happen after the student�fs graduation?

Some of the sponsors are interested to remain in contact with the students after their graduation. CSPO would be able to give you the contact of each student upon request.