Prosthetics and Orthotics is a challenging and rewarding career for those who enjoy working with people and wish to improve and enhance the quality of their lives.

B.Sc. / ISPO Category II Programme:

Students must have a good working knowledge of English and hold a Baccalaureate (at high school graduate level) or equivalent. A commitment to P&O as a career, a genuine commitment to support people with disabilities, a good understanding of biology, mathematics and/or physics and strong communication and team skills are also important.

P&O Technicians / ISPO Category III Programme:

Students must have a good working knowledge of English and hold a secondary school certificate or equivalent. A commitment to P&O as a career, a commitment to support people with disabilities and good communication skills are also important.

Scholarships and International Students:

A number of Scholarships are available, usually for Cambodian students from disadvantaged backgrounds, although applications for scholarships are considered on a case by case basis. CSPO also accepts fee-paying students, including international students. Income from fee-paying students is used to support the running costs of the School.

Applications from international students must be accompanied by a job guarantee letter for three years after graduation, evidence of work experience, employer’s recommendation, confirmation of financial support for the course fee from a sponsor and a letter endorsing the character of the applicant.

 When studying, students live in accommodation at the School. This creates more study time and gives students the opportunity to get to know and learn from each other.

Inclusion and Support

CSPO has an inclusive policy and encourages women and people with disabilities to study at the School. In some locations women cannot receive treatment unless P&O rehabilitation clinics have female staff, so it is very important that women have the opportunity to become Prosthetist Orthotists.

CSPO has a supportive environment which is designed to ensure that as many students as possible complete their studies successfully. A system to identify students who are experiencing difficulties is in place and staff and senior students are available to provide support, reassurance and encouragement.

Benefits Summary 

  • High quality teaching at a School with an international reputation for excellence.
  • Internationally accredited professional qualification (ISPO Category II programme).
  • Gaining practical skills that are in short supply.
  • Inclusive, supportive, multi-cultural environment.
  • Scholarships available.
  • Path to a rewarding career as an employee or entrepreneur.
  • Excellent job prospects.
  • Access to an international P&O network.