Thank you for your interest in supporting CSPO, where motivated students from low-income countries study, and go on to make a contribution to people with disability. Your support will help to create a foundation of prosthetics and orthotics services in post conflict and low-income countries, where thousands of disabled people need help.

How you can support CSPO?

CSPO graduation ceremony
Thyda thanking her generous sponsor on her graduation day after their commited three years of support.

You can become a student sponsor

If you would like to support a student from a low-income country, we would love to hear from you! Your support could make a long-term impact on the lives of thousands of disabled people, who will benefit from the CSPO graduate’s specialist skills.

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By 2005, 100 students had graduated from CSPO since it’s establishment in 1994. We could not have achieved this without the generous support from governments, charitable trusts, charitable foundations other NGOs and individuals.

Placement at CSPO
Each P&O you support can support hundreds people with disabilities through their career
Every donation can help the school to provide education.

While CSPO is working towards a self-sustainable future, CSPO’s current operation is dependent on donor’s valuable support. If you would like to support our work in Prosthetic and Orthotic education, and in turn help more disabled people in low-income countries, please make a donation today. Please contact us for more details:

The impact your contribution will make!

By supporting the cost of training Prosthetist – Orthotists from low-income countries, funders can make a long-term impact.

Each graduate will prescribe and fit approximately 250 prostheses and orthoses per year, providing assistance for thousands of disabled people over the course of a career. Many graduates go on to become trainers themselves, further increasing the impact of your support.

The training of local specialist staff reduces reliance on expatriate expertise and builds capacity within low-income countries.

Ms Thy Thou in gait training
Ms Thy Thou used to crawl on the floor before she got orthoses and rehabilitation. Now she can go to a school with her friends

Graduates play vital roles in building sustainable prosthetics and orthotics services in their home countries. Currently prosthetics and orthotics services are provided by CSPO graduates working in rehabilitation centres in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar (Burma) and Sri Lanka.