Dewey ClassCoverTitleAuthorsCopiesLOC SubjectsISBN
Opening Up the Medical MonopolyDavid Gladstone11873712324
1557997799Science Experiments for Young Learners, Grades K-2Evan-Moor Educational Publishers11557997799
1848372159The Story of Medicine: From Early Healing to the Miracles of Modern Medicine (The Story of Series)Anne Rooney11848372159
4591032566悪魔の兵器・地雷―地雷の中に生きるカンボジアの子どもたち (ポプラ社いきいきノンフィクション) (Cambodian children live in land mines - weapons of the devil)名倉 睦生, 小林 正典14591032566
4000233300地雷なき地球へ―夢を現実にした人びと (People have dreams into reality - an Earth without land mines)目加田 説子14000233300
001.4/2 21Practical Research Methods for PhysiotherapistsCarolyn M. Hicks1Research--Methodology.
025.52 200070342776Introduction to reference workWilliam A. Katz1Reference services (Libraries), Reference books--Bibliography.0070342776
158.1Off The Front Foot: How to stay one step ahead in LifeMark Inglis1Self-help techniques, Goal (Psychology), Motivation (Psychology)1869415701
303.48/2 209780933662858The art of crossing culturesCraig Storti1Culture shock., Intercultural communication., Assimilation (Sociology)9780933662858
327.179814324892Human security : from concept to practice : case studies from Northeast India and OrissaAmitav Acharya, Subrat K Singhdeo, M Rajaretnam3Human security--India, Northeastern--Case studies., Human security--India--Orissa--Case studies.9814324892
362.1We Can Play and MoveSophie Levitt, Shona Grant, Deborah Birkett10907320139
362.1/0681884015417Healthcare Teams: Building Continuous Quality ImprovementPeter Mears91884015417
362.107Teaching health - care workers a practical guideFred Abbatt, Rosemary McMahon3033357754X
362.2Community Mental Health in CambodiaTranscultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO)19291760005
362.40942364066Disabled village children : a guide for community health workers, rehabilitation workers, and familiesDavid Werner2Children with disabilities--Rehabilitation--Developing countries., Rural children--Health and hygiene--Developing countries., Community health services for children--Developing countries.0942364066
362.4Nothing about us without us developing innovative technologies for, by and with disabled personsDavid Werner40965558533
362.4Legislation on Equal Opportunities and Full Participation in Development for Disabled Persons: Examples from the Escap RegionEconomic & Social Commission for Asia & the Pacific19211197899
362.40855982640Landmines, Legacy of Conflict: a manual for development workersRae McGrath10855982640
362.40745310214The Development Practitioners' HandbookAllan Kaplan10745310214
362.4Women in Action: Improving the Quality of Disabled Children's LivesSally Hartley, Gladys Murira, Mary Mwangoma, Julie Carter10953226522
362.4 200855981954Disability, liberation, and developmentPeter Coleridge1People with disabilities--Developing countries., Sociology of disability--Developing countries.0855981954
362.4/3 20Advice for amputees1Amputees--Rehabilitation., Artificial limbs.0644085851
362.4049221151166Assisting disabled persons in finding employment. A practical guide - Asian and Pacific editionRobert Heron, Barbara Murray19221151166
362.5Eliminating World Poverty: Making Globalisation Work for the Poor - White Paper on International Development (Command Paper)Department for International Development10101500629
370.1The tutorial processHoward S. Barrows10931369258
370/.973A guide to Observation and Participation In the Classroom: an Introduction to EducationArthea J. S Reed, Verna E Bergemann, Mary W Olson10697298825
371.102 210072287950Teachers, schools, and societyMyra Sadker, David Miller Sadker1Teaching., Education--United States--History., Educational sociology--United States., Education--Study and teaching--United States., Teachers--Training of--United States.0072287950
371.3/028/12Study Smarter, Not HarderKevin Paul38172248075
371.3341904811299Moodle E-Learning Course Development: A complete guide to successful learning using MoodleWilliam Rice31904811299
374.21899825002A trainer's guide for participatory learning and actionJules N. Pretty11899825002
378.1500 Tips for Quality Enhancement in Universities and CollegesSally Brown, Phil Race, Brenda Smith18124204160
379.129 22In or out of the mainstream? : lessons from research on disability and development cooperationBill Albert10954902629
413Dictionnaire Cambodgien1
413English-Lao Medical Dictionary4Dictonary (Medical)
413English-Lao Lao-English Dictionary1
4139552110041English-Sinhalese DictionaryGeorge Peiris Malalasekera19552110041
413Collins-Robert French-English, English-French DictionaryBeryl T. Atkins10004334515
413Oxford Advanced Learner's DictionaryAlbert Sidney Hornby20194311368
413The Oxford-Duden Pictorial English DictionaryO.M. Thomson, John Pheby10198641559
413Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current EnglishA.S. Hornby1019431300x
413[Vichananukrum vichaearas] = Medical dictionaryThái Hòa, Maurice Bauhahn1Medicine--Dictionaries--French., Medicine--Dictionaries--English., Medicine--Dictionaries--Khmer., Medicine--Dictionaries--Vietnamese.9748870383
428Words and Topics: Conversations et Vocabulaire AnglaisSusan Daniel Guillot12040158529
4280435242210Reward STARTER: Resource PackSue Kay20435242210
4280435242164Reward STARTER: Student's BookKnapp20435242164
428Reward STARTER: Practice BookGreenall20435242172
428Reward STARTER: Teacher's BookSimon Greenall20435242482
428Reward ELEMENTARY: Practice BookDiana Pye10435242091
428Reward ELEMENTARY: Teacher's BookSimon Greenall10435242423
4280435242490Reward ELEMENTARY: Resource PackS. Kay20435242490
4280435242059Reward ELEMENTARY: Student's BookBrian Acques20435242059
428Reward Pre-INTERMEDIATE: Teacher's BookSimon Greenall30435242466
4280435240218Reward Pre-INTERMEDIATE: Practice BookSimon Greenall20435240218
428043524020XReward Pre-INTERMEDIATE: Student's BookSimon Greenall2043524020X
428043524258XReward Pre-INTERMEDIATE: Resource PackSue Kay2043524258X
4280194392996New Headway. Upper-Intermediate. Student's Book (Headway ELT)Liz Soars10194392996
4281405013923IELTS FoundationRachael Roberts11405013923
428 21Focusing on IELTS : listening and speaking skillsKerry O'Sullivan, Steven Thurlow1International English Language Testing System., English language--Study and teaching--Foreign speakers., English language--Examinations.1864086815
428.0076 21Focusing on IELTS : reading and writing skillsKerry O'Sullivan, Jeremy Lindeck1English language--Examinations., International English Language Testing System., English language--Study and teaching--Foreign speakers.1864085991
428.2/4WRITE IDEA 8 (CLOTH)Ray Bradbury10022441840
428.24Write Idea! Assessments Grade 41002243853X
428.34 220521615305Action plan for IELTS : last-minute preparation, practice test, self-study guideVanessa. Jakeman, Clare. McDowell10521615305
428.6/4 200201846608True stories in the news : a beginning readerSandra Heyer1English language--Textbooks for foreign speakers., Current events--Problems, exercises, etc., Readers--Current events.0201846608
510 20Introductory mathematicsPeter Petocz, Dubravka Petocz, Leigh N Wood1Mathematics., Mathematics--Problems, exercises, etc.0170086887
5111000 Maths Problems: Fast Focused Practice to Help You Improve Your Maths SkillsSam Philips58172452543
513/.12 200064671437Basic mathematicsLawrence A Trivieri1Mathematics.0064671437
530 22071678338XPhysics for scientists and engineersPaul Allen Tipler, Gene. Mosca1071678338X
530.02461 20Physics and chemistry for the health sciencesAlex R Ward, R. S Horsfield, Sue Solomons, Owen Evans, Margaret Rae, R. S Horsfield2Physics., Chemistry.0646027751
540 21Chemistry : the molecular nature of matter and changeMartin S Silberberg1Chemistry.0697395979
5700697340864Student Study Guide to Accompany BiologySylvia S. Mader10697340864
5700697340805BiologySylvia S. Mader10697340805
570Laboratory Manual to accompany LifeRicki Lewis, Alice Jacklet10697285685
570 210697285634LifeRicki Lewis1Biology., Human biology.0697285634
574Student Study Guide for use with BiologyPeter H Raven, Margaret Gould Burke, Ronald M Taylor20697225747
574 200697225704BiologyPeter H Raven, George B Johnson2Biology.0697225704
576Foundations in Microbiology Student Study Art NotebookKathleen Park Talaro, Arthur Talaro10697283291
576 20Foundations in microbiologyKathleen P Talaro, Arthur Talaro2Microbiology., Medical microbiology.0697160548
610 3Dorland's Pocket Medical DictionaryDorland10721631665
610.3094854936XDictionary of MedicineP. H. Collin, PH Collin2094854936X
610.72 220443074291Introduction to research in the health sciencesStephen Polgar, Shane A Thomas1Medicine--Research--Methodology., Biomedical Research--methods., Research Design.0443074291
610.73Nursing Procedure ManualKaren Solheim1
610.73Nurses Training ManualKaren Solheim1
610.73Nursing Models for PracticeAlan Pearson, Barbara Vaughan10750603798
610.73 200632028920Safer lifting for patient care.Margaret. Hollis20632028920
610.91724Where there is no doctor a village health care handbookDavid Werner30333262581
610/.92/4A world to care for; the autobiography of Howard A. Rusk, M.D.Howard A. Rusk1Rusk, Howard A., 1901-, Rusk, Howard A., 1901-, Physicians--United States--Biography.0394481984
611190232840XAtlas of AnatomyGiunti Editorial Group1190232840X
611Anatomy and physiology for students of physiotherapy, occupational therapy andgymnasticsC.F.V. Smout, R.J.S. McDowall1
611 20Anatomy : palpation and surface markingsDerek Field1Anatomy, Surgical and topographical.0750600624
611 211856480194Gray's AnatomyGray21856480194
611 210697284131Human anatomyKent M Van De Graaff2Human anatomy., Anatomy.0697284131
611 21Anatomy Coloring BookWynn Kapit30064539148
611 210750631430Anatomy: Palpation and Surface MarkingsDerek Field1Anatomy, Surgical and topographical.0750631430
611/.022/2 200865774234Color atlas and textbook of human anatomyW Kahle, Helmut Leonhardt, Werner Platzer1Human anatomy--Atlases., Anatomy--atlases.0865774234
611/.73/0222 210697137902Atlas of Skeletal MusclesRobert J. Stone, Judith A. Stone1Striated muscle--Atlases., Human anatomy--Atlases.0697137902
611/.8Clinical Anatomy Made Ridiculously SimpleStephen M.D. Goldberg20071129359
611/.98Functional anatomy of the limbs and back : a text for students of the locomotor apparatusW. Henry Hollinshead1Extremities (Anatomy), Back--Anatomy.072164757X
612The Simon and Schuster handbook of anatomy and physiologyJames Stuart Bevan3Human physiology--Pictorial works., Human anatomy--Pictorial works.0671249592
612Atlas aide-mémoire d'anatomieHenri Rouvière, A. (André) Delmas12225404690
612Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory ManualRod R. Seeley, Kevin Patton20697394859
612Essentials of human physiologyPhillip Sheeler1Human physiology.0697260585
612 19Review of medical physiologyWilliam F Ganong1Human physiology., Physiology.0838584357
612 20Principles of anatomy and physiologyGerard J Tortora, Sandra Reynolds Grabowski1Human physiology., Human anatomy.0060467029
612 20Essentials of Human Anatomy and PhysiologyJohn W. Hole1Human physiology., Human anatomy.069709703X
612 200314092455Human Physiology: From Cells to Systems With InfotracLauralee Sherwood1Human physiology.0314092455
612 21007067065XHuman physiology : the mechanism of body functionArthur J. Vander, James H. Sherman, Dorothy S Luciano1Human physiology., Physiology.007067065X
612 210697394816Essentials of anatomy and physiologyRod R Seeley, Trent D Stephens, Philip Tate1Human physiology., Human anatomy.0697394816
612 210697230872Anatomy & physiology : the unity of form and functionKenneth S Saladin, Carol Porth1Human physiology., Human anatomy., Anatomy., Physiology.0697230872
612 210697042960Synopsis of Human Anatomy And PhysiologyKent M. Van De Graaff, Stuart Ira Fox, Karen M. Lafleur1Human physiology--Outlines, syllabi, etc., Human anatomy--Outlines, syllabi, etc., Anatomy., Physiology.0697042960
612 220764554220Anatomy and Physiology for DummiesDonna Rae Siegfried2Human physiology., Human anatomy.0764554220
612.7/4 200803679165Brunnstrom’s clinical kinesiology.Laura K. Smith, Elizabeth Lawrence Weiss, L. Don Lehmkuhl2Kinesiology., Applied kinesiology., Muscles--physiology., Muscle Contraction., Movement., Joints--physiology.0803679165
612.7/60323025242Kinesiology: The Skeletal System and Muscle FunctionJoseph Muscolino10323025242
612.7/6 200471509086Biomechanics and motor control of human movementDavid A. Winter, David A. Winter2Human mechanics., Kinesiology., Biomechanics., Kinetics., Movement.0471509086
612.7/6 200939616173Anatomy of movementBlandine Calais-Germain, Stephen Anderson2Musculoskeletal system., Human mechanics.0939616173
612.7/6 200750609702Anatomy and human movement : structure and functionNigel Palastanga, Derek Field, Roger Soames, Nikolai Bogduk3Human mechanics., Human anatomy.0750609702
612.7/6 210750622229Gait analysis : an introductionMichael Whittle1Gait in humans.0750622229
612.76BiomechanicsRichard S. Horsfield2
612.76An introduction to biomechanics: basic mechanical ideas for physical therapyRichard S. Horsfield20855831146
612.76Gangbildanlyse 1990 (Gait Analysis: State-of-the-Art of Measuring Systems and their Importance in Prosthetic and Orthotic Technology)U. Boenick, M. Näder13923453310
612.76Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Gait: Normal, Elderly and PathologicalDavid A. Winter10888981058
612.76 20Human walkingVerne Thompson Inman, H. J Ralston, Frank Todd, Jean C Lieberman5Walking., Human locomotion., Gait., Locomotion.068304348X
612/.0024616 19Anatomy and physiology for physiotherapistsD. B Moffat, R. F Mottram2Human physiology., Physical therapy., Anatomy., Physical Therapy., Physiology.0632014644
612/.74Clinical kinesiologySigne Brunnstrom, Ruth Dickinson1Muscles., Human locomotion.0803613016
612/.76Williams and Lissner: Biomechanics of Human MotionMarian Williams, Herbert R. Lissner, Barney F LeVeau1Human locomotion., Human mechanics.0721657737
612/.76 19Basic biomechanics of the musculoskeletal systemMargareta Nordin, Victor H Frankel, Victor H Frankel1Human mechanics., Biomechanics.081211227X
613.7/1/072 220736056203Research Methods in Physical Activity - 5th EditionJerry Thomas, Jack Nelson, Stephen Silverman1Physical education and training--Research., Health--Research., Recreation--Research., Dance--Research.0736056203
6141855019019Family Health Reference Book: Essential Guide to Health and MedicinePhillip Evans11855019019
615.80412393700Occupational Therapy for Orthopaedic Conditions Pb (Therapy in Practice)Dina Penrose20412393700
615.8Physiotherapy in Disorders of the BrainJanet Carr, Roberta B. Shepherd20750601205
615.8/20721680763Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 2eRandall L. Braddom MD10721680763
615.8/2 19Physiotherapy in paediatricsRoberta B Shepherd1Physical therapy for children.0433301317
615.8/2 20Therapeutic exercise : foundations and techniquesCarolyn Kisner, Lynn Allen Colby1Exercise therapy.0803653727
615.8/2 200750613467Tidy’s physiotherapy.A. M Thomson, A. T Skinner, Joan Piercy, Noël M Tidy1Massage therapy., Exercise therapy., Surgical diseases., Exercise Therapy., Massage.0750613467
615.8/2/0830721603785Physical Therapy for Children, 3eSuzann K. Campbell PT PhD FAPTA, Robert J. Palisano PT ScD, Darl W. Vander Linden PT PhD20721603785
615.8/5152 19Occupational therapy : practice skills for physical dysfunctionLorraine Williams Pedretti8Occupational therapy., People with disabilities--Rehabilitation., Occupational Therapy.0801638240
615.8/5153/082 20The play therapy primer : an integration of theories and techniquesKevin J O’Connor1Play therapy.047152543X
615.82The Principles and Practice of Physical TherapyW.E.Arnould Taylor1074871250X
615.820748729984Physical agents in rehabilitation from research to practiceMichelle H. Cameron10748729984
615.820721662447Physical agents in rehabilitation from research to practiceMichelle H. Cameron10721662447
615.82Key issues in neurological physiotherapyLouise Ada, Colleen Canning10750600098
615.82Practical exercise therapyMargaret Hollis10632008067
615.851Practical exercise therapyMargaret Hollis10632024771
6160521313066Human Physical Health (Cambridge Social Biology Topics)Dennis Taylor10521313066
616Harrison's Principles Of Internal MedicineKurt J. and Braunwald, Eugene and Wilson, Jean D. and Martin, Joseph B. and Fauci, Anthony S. and Kasper, Dennis L. Isselbacher10071133860
616 07General and Systematic PathologyJ. C. E. Underwood, Robert Britton20443037124
616 19Harrison’s principles of internal medicine.Tinsley Randolph Harrison, Eugene Braunwald2Internal medicine., Internal Medicine.0070794545
616.02Current Emergency Diagnosis and Treatment 1988John Mills, etc.10838513433
616.02/52First on the scene, the complete guide to first aid and CPRSt. John Ambulance21894070267
616.0252 210751303992First aid manual : the authorised manual of St. John Ambulance, St. Andrew's Ambulance Association, and the British Red CrossMichael Webb, Roy. Scott, Peter Beale30751303992
616.070443073341General and Systematic Pathology: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access, 4eJames C. E. Underwood MD FRCPath FRCP FMedSci20443073341
616.070748731784Understanding Disease: Pathology and Prevention (Understanding S.)S. Mera, Steven L. Mera20748731784
616.07Basic Clinical ImmunologyDaniel P. Stites10838505546
616.07A Guide to Physical Examination and History TakingBarbara Bates10063501279
616.07 20Essential pathologyEmanuel Rubin, John L Farber2Pathology., Pathology--handbooks.0397510039
616.07 20Pathophysiology : concepts of altered health statesCarol Porth1Physiology, Pathological., Nursing., Disease--nurses’ instruction., Pathology--nurses’ instruction., Physiology--nurses’ instruction.039754961X
616.07'5158255319xAssessment: A 2-in-1 Reference for Nurses1158255319x
616.1Cardiovascular Disease: Integrated Clinical ScienceJohn R. Hampton10433166150
616.5/00913 20A manual of dermatology for developing countriesOrlando Canizares1Dermatology--Developing countries--Handbooks, manuals, etc., Skin--Diseases--Handbooks, manuals, etc., Tropical medicine--Handbooks, manuals, etc., Skin Diseases--handbooks.0192622935
616.5/7/0083 210892031794Who is Amelia? : caring for children with limb deficienciesHugh G Watts, Mary Williams Clark5Extremities (Anatomy)--Abnormalities., Prosthesis., Artificial limbs., Amputation., Pediatric orthopedics., Children with disabilities--Rehabilitation.0892031794
616.7 19Textbook of disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system : an introduction to orthopaedics, fractures and joint injuries, rheumatology, metabolic bone disease, and rehabilitationRobert Bruce Salter1Musculoskeletal system--Diseases., Musculoskeletal system--Wounds and injuries., Bone diseases., Joint diseases., Muscular diseases., Orthopedics., Rehabilitation.0683075004
616.7 210750622199Orthropaedics in primary careA Carr, Anthony Harnden1Orthopedics., Primary care (Medicine), Orthopedics., Primary Health Care.0750622199
616.7/062 19Management of common musculoskeletal disorders : physical therapy principles and methodsRandolph M Kessler, Darlene Hertling2Physical therapy., Musculoskeletal system--Diseases--Patients--Rehabilitation., Muscular diseases--Therapy., Bone diseases--Therapy., Physical therapy.0061414298
616.7/075 21044307061XNeuromusculoskeletal examination and assessment : a handbook for therapistsNicola J Petty, Ann P Moore, Nicola J Petty3Musculoskeletal system--Examination--Handbooks, manuals, etc., Nervous system--Examination--Handbooks, manuals, etc., Physical therapy--Handbooks, manuals, etc., Musculoskeletal Diseases--diagnosis., Occupational Therapy--methods.044307061X
616.7/2062 19Physiotherapy in rheumatologySylvia A Hyde1Arthritis., Rheumatism., Physical therapy., Arthritis--Therapy., Physical therapy., Rheumatic diseases--Therapy.0632003731
616.7/20622 20Textbook of Disorders and Injuries of the Musculoskeletal SystemRobert Bruce Salter1Joints--Diseases--Physical therapy., Joint Diseases--therapy., Motion Therapy, Continuous Passive.0683074970
616.7/30622 19Vertebral manipulationG. D Maitland, B. C Edwards3Spine--Diseases--Treatment., Manipulation (Therapeutics), Manipulation, Orthopedic., Spinal diseases--Therapy.0750613335
616.7/40754 19Muscle testing : techniques of manual examinationLucille Daniels, Catherine Worthingham1Muscles--Examination., Muscles--physiology., Physical Examination--methods.0721618545
616.7/40754 19Muscle Testing: Techniques of Manual ExaminationLucille. Daniels1Muscles--Examination., Muscles--physiology., Physical Examination--methods.0721618545
616.8Life after injuryLiz Hobbs, Sue McDonough, Ann O’Callaghan2Rehabilitation nursing., Rehabilitation., People with disabilities--Rehabilitation., People with disabilities--Services for., People with disabilities--Rehabilitation--Psychological aspects., People with disabilities--Rehabilitation--Social aspects., Rehabilitation--methods--Handbooks., Wounds and Injuries--rehabilitation--Handbooks., Developing Countries--Handbooks., Patient Participation--methods--Handbooks.9839747770
616.8Correlative neuroanatomy & functional neurologyJoseph G. Chusid10870410121
616.8 19A motor relearning programme for strokeJanet H. Carr, Roberta B. Shepherd10433051523
616.8 20Neurology: Student NotesChristopher N. Martyn2Neurology., Nervous system--Diseases., Nervous System Diseases.0443033072
616.8/043 219780750609715Neurological rehabilitation : optimizing motor performanceJanet H Carr, Roberta B Shepherd1Movement disorders--Physical therapy., Movement disorders--Patients--Rehabilitation., Neuromuscular diseases--Physical therapy., Nervous System Diseases--rehabilitation., Physical Therapy., Motor Skills.9780750609715
616.8/3Handbook of spinal cord medicineDavid C Burke, D. Duncan Murray1Spinal cord--Wounds and injuries., Spinal cord injuries--Handbooks.0333187113
616.8/35Poliomyelitis : a guide for developing countries, including appliances and rehabilitation for the disabledR. L Huckstep12Poliomyelitis., Orthopedics., Developing countries., Poliomyelitis.0443013128
616.8/7 211850700486The care of neuropathic limbs : a practical manualGrace Warren, Sydney Nade1Nerves, Peripheral--Diseases--Treatment., Extremities--innervation., Peripheral Nervous System Diseases--complications., Peripheral Nervous System Diseases--therapy.1850700486
616.8060748732969Osteopathic DiagnosisEmanuel A. Sammut, Patrick J. Searle-Barnes10748732969
616.89 200553091468Caring for the mind : the comprehensive guide to mental healthDianne R. Hales, Robert E Hales, Allen Frances1Psychiatry--Popular works., Mental illness.0553091468
616.9Prevention of Disability: Guidelines for Leprosy Control ProgrammesILEP Medical Comission20947543090
616.9Leprosy (Medicine in the Tropics)A D M Bryceson, R E Pfaltzgraff10443044651
616.9/98Handbook of Leprosy (0433175702)W.H. Jopling20433175680
616.9/98 19Essential Action to minimise Disability in Leprosy PatientsJean M. Watson30902731254
616.9/98 209241544562Prevention of disabilities in patients with leprosy : a practical guideH Srinivasan1Leprosy--Complications--Prevention., Leprosy--Patients--Rehabilitation., Leprosy--complications., Rehabilitation.9241544562
616.97/9205 20Guidance for clinical health care workers : protection against infection with HIV and hepatitis virusesDept.of Health1HIV infections--Prevention., Hepatitis--Prevention., Medical personnel--Health and hygiene.0113212496
616.97/9206/082 200471076740The medical management of AIDS in womenDeborah J Cotton, D. Heather Watts1AIDS (Disease) in women., Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome--therapy., Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome., Women’s Health.0471076740
617 19Rehabilitation medicineJoseph Goodgold1Medicine, Physical., Medical rehabilitation.080161838x
617 209241544139Surgery at the district hospital : obstetrics, gynaecology, orthopaedics, and traumatologyJ Cook, Balu Sankaran, Ambrose E. O Wasunna1Obstetrics--Surgery., Generative organs, Female--Surgery., Orthopedic surgery., Traumatology., County hospitals., Genitalia, Female--Surgery., Labor complications--Surgery., Orthopedics., Pregnancy complications--Surgery., Hospitals, District.9241544139
617 5Rehabilitation Surgery for Deformities due to Poliomyelitis: Techniques for the District HospitalJ. Krol39241544570
617 58Amputation surgery and lower limb prostheticsG. Murdoch20632017112
617.1Traumatologie et OrthopédieG. Youmachev1
617.10750631120Sport Injuries: A Unique Guide to Self-Diagnosis and RehabilitationMalcolm T. F. Read, Paul Wade10750631120
617.1Outcome Measures in TraumaP. B. Pynsent, J. C. T. Fairbank, A. J. Carr10750616539
617.1A Simple Guide to Trauma (ISE)R.L. Huckstep10443053375
617.1/027 200750614854Musculoskeletal and sports injuriesA. B Corrigan, G. D Maitland2Sports injuries., Musculoskeletal system--Wounds and injuries., Sports physical therapy., Athletic Injuries--therapy., Sports Medicine.0750614854
617.1/027 200750601566Sports injuries : diagnosis and management for physiotherapistsChristopher M Norris1Sports injuries., Sports physical therapy., Athletic Injuries--diagnosis., Athletic Injuries--rehabilitation., Physical Therapy.0750601566
617.1/027 21Osteopathic athletic health care : principles and practiceW. Llewellyn McKone2Sports medicine., Osteopathic medicine., Osteopathic Medicine--methods., Athletic Injuries--therapy., Sports Medicine.0412590905
617.1/03/0685 20Improving assessment in rehabilitation and healthRobert L Glueckauf1Rehabilitation--Quality control., Rehabilitation--Evaluation., Disability Evaluation--congresses., Rehabilitation--congresses., Psychometrics--methods.0803950845
617.3The Elements of Orthopaedics: A Reference Book For Clinical OfficersEdward J. Blair1
617.3Orthopaedics for NursesE.M. Stone10702008745
617.30750632747Cyriax's Illustrated Manual of Orthopaedic MedicineJames H. Cyriax MD MRCP, P. J. Cyriax MCSP10750632747
617.3Simple orthopaedics aids, appropriate designs for a developing countryChris Dartnell20950907103
617.30721662900Orthopedic Physical Assessment, 3eDavid J. Magee PhD BPT20721662900
617.3Orthopedic PracticePhilip Yeoman, Dan M. Spengler20750616245
617.30443070245Outline of OrthopaedicsJohn Crawford Adams MD(London) FRCS(England), David L. Hamblen PhD DSc FRCS(Edinburgh England Glasgow)10443070245
617.3Technische KinderorthopädieRupprecht Bernbeck, Jürgen Pramschiefer, Herbert D. Stolle13136188012
617.30815100523Atlas Of Orthotics And Assistive Devices, 3eAAOS, Bertram Goldberg, John D. Hsu MD10815100523
617.3 20Clinical orthopaedic examinationRonald McRae3Orthopedics--Diagnosis., Musculoskeletal system--Examination., Bone Diseases--diagnosis--atlases., Joint Diseases--diagnosis--atlases., Orthopedics--atlases.0443040389
617.3 20081515903XPractical orthopedicsLonnie R. Mercier1Orthopedics., Orthopedics.081515903X
617.3 20Emergency orthopaedics and traumaAndrew Unwin, Kirsten Jones1Orthopedic emergencies.075062034X
617.3 20General orthopaedicsFrank C. Wilson, Patrick P Lin1Orthopedics., Musculoskeletal system--Diseases., Musculoskeletal Diseases., Orthopedics--methods.007070757X
617.3'98Clinical Aspects of Lower Extremity OrthoticsDonald Weber, Mark Agro4092183201x
617.3/003 200397513119Orthopaedic dictionaryStanley Hoppenfeld, Michael S Zeide5Orthopedics--Dictionaries., Orthopedics--dictionaries.0397513119
617.4/7059 210750622148Assessment methodology in orthopaedicsP. B. Pynsent, J. C. T. Fairbank, A Carr1Orthopedic surgery--Evaluation., Outcome assessment (Medical care), Orthopedics--methods., Outcome and Process Assessment (Health Care)0750622148
617.47 22 (machine generated)Partial foot amputations : [guidelines to prosthetic and surgical techniques]Bengt Söderberg59163107562
617.5/3062 200473002094Treat Your Own NeckRobin McKenzie1Neck--Abnormalities--Exercise therapy., Self-care, Health.0473002094
617.5/4075069517XThoracic Spine and Rib Cage: Musculoskeletal Evaluation and TreatmentTimothy W. Flynn PT MS OCS1075069517X
617.5/64 210750623950Clinical anatomy and management of low back pain / [edited by] L.G.F. Giles and K.P. Singer.L. G. F Giles, K. P Singer1Backache--Pathophsiology., Backache--Treatment., Lumbosacral region--Anatomy.0750623950
617.5/64062 220443072930Therapeutic exercise for lumbopelvic stabilization : a motor control approach for the treatment and prevention of low back painCarolyn Richardson, Paul W Hodges, Julie Hides, Carolyn Richardson1Backache--Physical therapy., Backache--Treatment., Backache--Prevention., Backache--Exercise therapy., Low Back Pain--therapy., Exercise Therapy--methods., Muscles., Dos--Maladies--Thérapeutique par l’exercice., Dorsalgie--Thérapeutique par l’exercice., Thérapeutique par l’exercice., Lage rugpijn.--gtt, Therapieën.--gtt, Preventie.--gtt0443072930
617.5/8 20Atlas of limb prosthetics : surgical, prosthetic, and rehabilitation principlesJohn H Bowker, John W Michael2Artificial limbs., Amputation., Amputees--Rehabilitation., Amputation--atlases., Amputees--rehabilitation--atlases., Artificial Limbs--atlases.0801602092
617.5/81 210750696893The Hip HandbookTimothy L. Fagerson MS PT1Hip joint--Diseases--Physical therapy--Handbooks, manuals, etc., Hip Joint., Joint Diseases--rehabilitation., Wounds and Injuries--rehabilitation., Lumbosacral Region., Pelvis.0750696893
617.5/84Clinical Aspects of Lower Extremity ProstheticsDonald Weber40921832028
617.5/85059 20Foot orthoses : principles and clinical applicationsKent K Wu1Foot--Abnormalities--Treatment., Orthopedic apparatus., Foot., Orthotic Devices.0683093002
617.58Lower Limb Prosthetic Components: Design, Function and Biomechanical PropertiesG. Fitzlaff, S. Heim2398072686x
617.58Above-knee Prosthesis TechnologyP. G. van de Veen1
617.58Otto Bock Prosthetic Compendium: Upper Extremity ProsthesesFritz Blohmke, Max Nader33794905474
617.58 220892033134Atlas of amputations and limb deficiencies : surgical, prosthetic, and rehabilitation principlesDouglas G. Smith, John W Michael, John H Bowker3Amputation., Amputees--Rehabilitation., Artificial limbs., Amputation--Atlases., Amputees--rehabilitation--Atlases., Artificial Limbs--Atlases.0892033134
617.6Dental Care for Handicapped Patients (Dental Practitioner Handbook)Bruce Hunter1072360889x
617.9/5Surgical Reconstruction and Rehabilitation in Leprosy and Other NeuropathiesRichard Schwarz, Wim Brandsma29993313718
617.91Rob and Smith's Operative Surgery: Orthopaedics (Rob & Smith's operative surgery) (Pts.1 & 2)George Bentley, Robert B. Greer10750616806
617/.1 19Common problems in traumaJames M Hurst1Wounds and injuries., Surgical emergencies., Critical care medicine., Critical Care., Emergencies., Wounds and Injuries.0815147856
617/.1027 19Sports injuries and their treatmentJohn King, Basil Helal, William Grange1Sports injuries., Sports medicine.0412239507
617/.3Practical Orthopaedic MedicineBrian Corrigan, G. D. Maitland10750604948
617/.375/0750838578535Physical examination of the spine and extremitiesStanley Hoppenfeld, Richard Hutton1Spine--Examination., Extremities (Anatomy)--Examination., Extremities., Spine., Physical examination--Methods.0838578535
617/.398 19Lower extremity amputation : a guide to functional outcomes in physical therapy managementLinda A Karacoloff, Frederick J Schneider2Leg--Amputation, Amputees--Rehabilitation., Artificial legs., Physical therapy., Amputation--rehabilitation--handbooks., Artificial Limbs--handbooks., Leg--surgery--handbooks., Physical Therapy--methods--handbooks.0871892251
617/.57Manual on management of the quadriplegic upper extremity, using available modular splint and arm support systemsMaude H. Malick, Christa M. H. Meyer2
617/.580443059756Therapy for Amputees, 3eBarbara Engstrom MCSP DipMgt(Open), Catherine Van de Ven MCSP10443059756
617/.58 19Physiotherapy for Amputees: Roehampton ApproachBarbara Engstrom, C.Van De Ven, C Vande Ven5Amputees--Rehabilitation., Physical therapy., Amputees., Physical Therapy., Rehabilitation.0443029180
617/.58/00280398022178A manual of lower extremities orthotics.Clauson F England, Miles Harrison Anderson7Orthopedic shoes., Artificial legs.0398022178
617/.9 210750698071Orthotics and prosthetics in rehabilitationMichelle M Lusardi, Caroline C Nielsen1Orthopedic apparatus., Prosthesis., Orthopedic implants., People with disabilities--Rehabilitation., Orthotic Devices., Prostheses and Implants., Rehabilitation.0750698071
618Allergies and Children: A Handbook for ParentsMilton Gold, Barry Zimmerman10521356652
618.9/28/047550398025843Reflex testing methods for evaluating C.N.S. development,Mary R Fiorentino1Pediatric neurology--Diagnosis., Reflexes--Testing., Neurologic examination.0398025843
618.92/836 210933149824Children with cerebral palsy : a parent’s guideElaine Geralis3Cerebral palsied children., Cerebral palsy--Popular works.0933149824
620.1The Strenght of MaterialsJohn Case1
620.1Mechanics for Engineers: StaticsFerdinand P. Beer, E. Russell Johnston10071001417
620.1Applied MechanicsJohn Hannah, M.J. Hillier10582988209
620.1/05 190070045828Mechanics for engineersFerdinand Pierre Beer, E. Russell Johnston1Mechanics, Applied., Statics.0070045828
620.1/053/01515630071233598Vector Mechanics for Engineers: DynamicsFerdinand P. Beer20071233598
620.1/053/0151563007123358XVector Mechanics for Engineers: StaticsFerdinand P. Beer2007123358X
620.1/120071249990Mechanics of MaterialsFerdinand Beer20071249990
620.1/12 200132792583Engineering mechanics of solidsE. P Popov1Strength of materials.0132792583
624.1Ferrocement: Applications in Developing Countries1Civil engineering
628.7Water and Sanitation for Disabled People and Other Vulnerable Groups: Designing Services to Improve AccessibilityBob Reed Hazel Jones11843800799
629.28Land Rover 90/110 and Defender Owners Workshop Manual (Haynes Owners Workshop Manuals)Steve Rendle, Mark Coombs11859600174
643/.7 2107621004941001 do-it-yourself hints & tips : tricks, shortcuts, how-tos, and other nifty ideas for inside, outside, and all around your house.Editors of Reader's Digest1Houses--Maintenance and repair--Miscellanea.0762100494
649/.151 200471042404Raising a child who has a physical disabilityDonna G Albrecht2Children with disabilities--United States., Children with disabilities--Family relationships--United States., Parents of children with disabilities--United States.0471042404
651.70072350733Business and Administrative Communication with Student ToolboxKitty O. Locker10072350733
651.7/5Business Letters Made to Measure Pb (Business Letters Instantly)E J Perkins1185122047X
657Ready Notes for Use With Intermediate AccountingChasteen10072929278
657Introduction to Accounting: An Integrated ApproachPenne Ainsworth, Dan Deines, David Plumlee, Cathy Xanthaky Larson10071169318
658Human Resource DevelopmentDavid Megginson18124202125
658Operations ManagementDonald Waters18124202036
658Ethics in OrganizationsDavid Murray18124202087
6580130143855Managing Today!Stephen P. Robbins10130143855
658 20Making management work : a practical approachKenneth. Stott, Allan Walker10135446937
658.1/6 20Productivity and role of top managementReport on APO Top Management Forum1Consolidation and merger of corporations--Japan--Management--Congresses., Corporate reorganizations--Japan--Management--Congresses., Consolidation and merger of corporations--Asia--Management--Congresses., Corporate reorganizations--Asia--Management--Congresses.9283320411
658.150073662542Ready Notes for use with Cost Management: A Strategic EmphasisEdward J. Blocher, Kung H. Chen, Douglas Cloud, Thomas Lin10073662542
658.3O/R Human Resource Management PbIvancevich10071180486
658.3/12404 20007055045XMore games trainers play : experiential learning exercisesEdward E Scannell, John W Newstrom1Small groups., Group relations training., Games., Educational games., Education--Simulation methods., Experiential learning--Problems, exercises, etc.007055045X
658.3124 211857037871Making workshops work : ensure your workshops create high-octane interactionRob. Yeung11857037871
658.4/02 210070465134The big book of team-building games : trust-building activities, team spirit exercises, and other fun things to doJohn W Newstrom, Edward E Scannell1Management games.0070465134
658.4/040071244468Project ManagementGray20071244468
658.5/62 210471355909The ISO 9000 answer bookRob Kantner1ISO 9000 Series Standards.0471355909
668.4 19Industrial plastics : theory and applicationTerry L Richardson2Plastics.0538338903
690 200471509116Fundamentals of building construction : materials and methodsEdward Allen1Building., Building materials.0471509116
796To the MaxMark Inglis1186941571X
796.522092 22Legs on Everest : the full story of his most remarkable adventure yetMark Inglis2Inglis, Mark, 1959-, Mountaineers--United States--Biography., Amputees--United States--Biography., Mountaineering--Everest, Mount (China and Nepal)1869418700
9120540072583World Atlas10540072583
915.49304 221740599756Sri LankaJoe Cummings1Sri Lanka--Guidebooks., Sri Lanka--Description and travel.1740599756
959.6Cambodia in the early 21st century : from strength to strength into the 21st century.1Cambodia.2951352409