CSPO believes that sharing resources, knowledge, expertise and educational materials is one of our responsibilities. We recognise that by sharing information with other prosthetics and orthotics schools, each school can make the most of their resources and avoid duplication of effort.

Schools Meeting

CSPO school meeting
Participants gathered for a schools meeting

Since 2003, CSPO has taken a lead role in co-ordinating a series of regional prosthetics and orthotics school meetings in Cambodia, Pakistan, and Thailand.

Staff Exchange programme

Cambodian technician and Sri Lankan students
Cambodian staff working with students in Sri Lanka

The exchange programmes are designed as learning experiences for teaching staff of the Prosthetic and Orthotic schools in the region.

Staff exchanges have also taken place between: Cambodia, Vietnam, and Pakistan;

These regional activities facilitate collaboration between educational institutions and increase the efficiency of regional Prosthetic and Orthotic education by sharing knowledge, skills and teaching materials.